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Success Stories

Tyrese Taylor


About my business

Tyrese Taylor’s success story is one of passion, determination and the power of mentorship, chronicling her journey as the founder of Millennial Bae — an online clothing shop catering to environmentally conscious consumers with luxury hair accessories and handmade clothing at an affordable price.

Since childhood, Tyrese’s dream of owning an online boutique burned bright. From her early days on the fashion design platform Girlsense to her intricate drawings and doll clothes creations, her love for creativity and fashion was unwavering. Despite pursuing a major in biology at Bethune-Cookman University, Tyrese’s passion for fashion remained a constant.

Tyrese told us, “I have always dreamed of owning an online boutique ever since I was a child. Back then, I would spend hours on a fashion design website called Girlsense, selling my designs to other users and running auctions. It was a delightful experience to witness the incredible art created by others and explore various user boutiques, playing games to earn coins and more.”

With the fervor of creativity alive within her, Tyrese embarked on her journey to create Millennial Bae. Armed with a Master’s degree in Genetics, she merged her love for fashion with her education, focusing on sustainable and eco-friendly practices to infuse ethical choices into her brand.

Fueling her day-to-day motivation is the nurturing of her vision and the thrill of achieving and tracking goals. Tyrese draws energy from organized routines, observing fellow entrepreneurs’ successes on social media and her desire to leave behind a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Pompano Beach | FL
Founder, Millennial Bae

My Mentors

  • Eileen Kowalski, Senior VP, National Recurring Field Exam Manager at PNC Bank
  • Lauren Bates, Director, Member Experience at Sky’s the Limit

Business milestones achieved

  • Business Plan
  • Funding
  • Business Website
  • Annual sales
  • Became profitable
  • Tested idea
  • Designed product/service
  • Purchased equipment or supplies
  • Named Business

Business mentoring story

Tyrese Taylor's journey of building Millennial Bae was profoundly shaped by her mentors, Eileen Kowalski and Lauren Bates. Their unwavering support kept her motivated, focused and positive throughout the challenges of establishing her business and played a pivotal role in her success. 

Through her vast experience as a bank auditor, Eileen Kowalski visited hundreds of customers in many different industries, which demonstrated to her what worked well and what didn’t. She drew from this knowledge along with her strength of big picture thinking to help Tyrese solidify a color scheme for her brand, imparting business ideologies and helping her brainstorm brand names for future expansion.

Lauren Bates played an instrumental role in helping Tyrese define her boutique's style. Beyond aesthetic assistance, Lauren's technical expertise proved invaluable. Her warm and encouraging demeanor amplified Tyrese's confidence, fostering a belief in her potential for success.

The constant encouragement and guidance from both mentors created an environment where Tyrese's growth was nurtured. The impact of this mentorship was tangible. Tyrese's sales grew dramatically, more than tripling in a single year. This exponential growth was a direct outcome of the collaboration and insights provided by her mentors. Through their guidance, Tyrese harnessed her business's potential, effectively harnessing newfound avenues for processes, operations, marketing and expansion.

The invaluable partnership with Eileen and Lauren not only spurred Tyrese's business growth, but also cultivated a profound sense of support. Their genuine care for Tyrese's success and their eagerness to celebrate her milestones created an environment where her journey felt less daunting. This unwavering encouragement and tangible progress exemplify the transformative power of mentorship in Tyrese's successful journey with Millennial Bae.

Her mentors, along with her own tenacity, helped Tyrese reach a series of milestones: securing funding, designing products, purchasing equipment, testing her ideas, developing a business plan, becoming profitable, establishing annual sales targets and setting up her business website. Completing these milestones fostered the belief that Tyrese could cultivate a profitable business, one that she could eventually pass down to her children. Her journey culminated in attending a Sky’s the Limit event, where she won a $500 grant, further reinforcing her determination.

The $500 grant was a game-changer that propelled her business forward. With this grant, she invested in a marketing planning website that streamlined her video scheduling across social media platforms, boosting her sales and amplifying her reach. Her business is continuously growing thanks to funding from the grant. She was able to market her business more frequently and also order more satin fabric for scrunchies and clothing, allowing her to alter clothing into new styles giving them a refreshed look.

She didn't know where to begin when she first started her business, and looked to Sky's the Limit's tools to overcome this challenge.  She said, "When I first started my business, I did not know where to begin. One challenge I faced was not knowing how to come up with a brand statement and mission. I was able to overcome this challenge by following Sky's the Limit’s brainstorming worksheet. The self guided worksheet helped me think about how I want people to see my business."

Tyrese Taylor’s remarkable journey underscores the power of embracing one’s passion, seeking mentorship and navigating challenges to create a thriving business. Her story is a testament to the boundless possibilities that unfold when ambition meets guidance and dedication.

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