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Success Stories

Victor Sandifer


About my business

Victor Sandifer is the visionary founder of Run The World, a remarkable product and experience company that seamlessly combines apparel and events to convey captivating stories about history, culture, and radical thought. With a passion for storytelling and a deep appreciation for the power of narrative, Victor embarked on a journey to connect people with the world's most intriguing stories in innovative and engaging ways.

“I was born and raised in Oakland. Growing up I did not see many businesses in my community owned by people that looked like me. Consequently, I did not think entrepreneurship was an option for me until I got into the workforce and figured that working a conventional job was not for me. Entrepreneurship has given me true freedom and purpose everyday. I decided to join because I know how important it is to have like minded people in your circle help you become a successful," Victor told us. 

Atlanta | GA
FOUNDER, Run The World

My Mentors

  • Jennifer Bailey, PhD, Risk Management at PNC Bank

Business milestones achieved

  • Bank Account
  • Business Plan
  • Funding
  • Business Website
  • Hired employee, vendor or independent contractor
  • First customer
  • Annual sales
  • Became profitable
  • Tested idea
  • Designed product/service
  • Business license
  • Purchased equipment or supplies
  • Manufactured first products and ready to sell them
  • First customer testimonial or review

Business mentoring story

In his quest to transform Run The World into a thriving business, Victor found an exceptional mentor through Sky's the Limit, Dr. Jennifer Bailey, an accomplished expert in risk management at PNC. Jennifer's career in the financial services sector and her pursuit of a doctorate with a focus on community engagement equipped her with a unique skill set that perfectly complemented Victor's vision.

Jennifer's background, which included stints at prestigious firms such as EY and PwC, as well as her experience at PNC, allowed her to provide valuable insights into strategy, culture, and analytics. Her previous franchise ownership experience and involvement with non-profit organizations further enriched her mentorship capabilities. As an adjunct professor at a local university's school of business, Jennifer was well-versed in the art of imparting knowledge and guiding aspiring entrepreneurs. The collaboration between Victor Sandifer and Jennifer Bailey has been transformative. Jennifer's expertise in risk management and financial services proved to be a strategic asset in Victor's entrepreneurial journey. Together, they embarked on a mission to boost Run The World's marketing efforts and set the stage for growth.

One pivotal moment in their mentorship relationship involved brainstorming and conceptualizing a groundbreaking marketing strategy for a new collection Victor was set to release. Jennifer's insights and guidance were instrumental in crafting a fully-fledged marketing plan. This meticulously crafted strategy not only captured the essence of Run The World's mission but also helped Victor increase his sales by 60%. 

With Jennifer's mentorship, Victor reached crucial milestones that propelled Run The World toward becoming a flourishing enterprise. Jennifer's extensive experience with non-profit organizations and entrepreneurship added a unique layer of wisdom to their mentorship journey.

Victor is quick to credit Sky's the Limit, the organization that brought him and Jennifer together, for playing a pivotal role in his entrepreneurial success.

Victor attributes a significant part of his entrepreneurial success to Sky's the Limit, the organization that brought him together with Jennifer, and connected him with other mentors and resources. Victor received invaluable assistance in creating and fine-tuning his business plan and pitch deck for various pitch competitions. Armed with the knowledge and expertise provided by his mentors, he always approached these opportunities fully prepared.

He shared with us, "Having mentors has helped me see my business from a different perspective. Being the person that is creating and building it on a daily basis can sometimes make it hard to see your business from an objective point of view. Good mentors have always shared with me their honest opinions and have helped me grow and build a stronger business. Also, having mentors and other entrepreneurs on my side has helped me build a stronger network. When they come across other people and resources that I may need, they always share them with me."

In his journey towards realizing the full potential of Run The World, Victor extends a heartfelt appreciation to his mentors, especially Jennifer Bailey, for their unwavering support and guidance. He also expresses gratitude to Bo and Lauren at Sky's the Limit, who were instrumental figures in his journey, always there to provide assistance and encouragement. With their collective efforts, Victor and Run The World have transcended boundaries, making history, culture, and radical thought accessible to all, while also achieving remarkable business success.

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