A volunteer experience that gives back.


There are many ways to provide support as a volunteer!

  • Make an Introduction

  • Listen: provide a “safe zone” for judgement-free brainstorming

  • Give Feedback - review business plan, profile, pitch etc.
    and provide tips

  • Help identify opportunities and obstacles

  • Be a cheerleader - help motivate & inspire

  • Donate a skill (e.g., design help, financial consulting, etc.)

  • Provide area of expertise (i.e., be a business advisor)

  • Provide long term support across all areas of their business (i.e., be a mentor)

  • Organize a Company Volunteer Program

  • Donate & Vote

What to expect as a volunteer

  • Join the skysthelimit.org community!

    Create your skysthelimit.org volunteer profile. You’ll find free tools and guides that you can use in your advising and mentoring sessions with entrepreneurs.

  • Tell us about yourself and your experience

    Schedule a virtual orientation where we’ll get to know more about you and explain how skysthelimit.org is connecting volunteers like you with young, motivated entrepreneurs.

  • Get to know our community and what we offer

    Our volunteers have diverse backgrounds and provide support across a variety of areas in business and entrepreneurship. We’ve created many resources to help structure your advising sessions and assist entrepreneurs in building their businesses.

  • Explore the community and message your first entrepreneur

    Once you find an entrepreneur that you’re interested in working with, you can send them a message through our Skysthelimit.org messaging system. You can then set up an Intro Meeting, and if it feels like you’ll be able to help, you can commit to collaborate with them on a project, goal, or challenge.

  • Keep in touch — tell us how it’s going!

    We want this to be a rewarding volunteer experience for you, and when you give us feedback on your matches, we can create the best experience for you. We welcome updates on what is working well and what could be better — any feedback is great feedback!

  • Stay engaged and match again!

    Together, you and your entrepreneur will work to make progress on their business and achieve important business milestones. Some of our Volunteers engage in long-term mentor relationships, while others decide to meet a few times to work on a specific project or challenge. Regardless of which option you choose, you are welcome to match with new entrepreneurs looking for help! There is no limit to the number of matches you can have on Skysthelimit.org.

Join our volunteer community of business owners, professionals, executives, and industry experts!