Volunteer to make an impact

Support your community

Volunteers at skysthelimit.org give their time and talents to help build the next generation of business owners and professionals. Chances are, you had some kind of help getting to where you are today – now you have the opportunity to pay it forward.

Gain a valuable experience

Being an advisor or mentor, not only benefits the entrepreneur you’re working with but also allows you to develop your own communication skills and relationship-building abilities as you support an entrepreneur in achieving their goals.

Volunteer on your own terms

All volunteer commitments are flexible and can be worked into your own schedule. Our team uses your profile information to create a personalized experience and recommends entrepreneurs that match your area of expertise and interests.


How you can help as a volunteer

Establish Business Priorities

"[I would like to work with an advisor] About prioritizing my business ideas and structuring a proper business plan." - Alain

Building & Managing a Team

"I need to build a team for my business, and figure out how to handle recruiting and hiring (or getting volunteers), creating roles for each job position, motivating people, creating incentives, training and managing employees" - Afiba

Customer Segmentation

"I need to better understand my customers: their problems & desires, the differences between my types of customers, how to reach them, what they think is valuable, etc." - Brianna

How to Get Funding

"I want to find someone to work with me now because I don't want to do it all by myself. Funding is my problem, due to my family’s low-income." - Michael

Business Planning

"I'd like to talk about my business plan and ask someone's opinion on it and see if they can help better the plan." - Joey

What to expect as a volunteer

  • Join the skysthelimit.org community!

    Create your skysthelimit.org volunteer profile. You’ll find free tools and guides that you can use in your advising and mentoring sessions with entrepreneurs.

  • Tell us about yourself and your experience

    Schedule time to chat with us over the phone, and learn how skysthelimit.org is connecting business professionals like you with budding entrepreneurs.

  • Get to know our community and what we offer

    Our volunteers have diverse backgrounds and provide support across a variety of areas in business and entrepreneurship. We’ve created some resources to help structure your advising sessions and also have an advising & mentoring guide.

  • Connect with your first entrepreneur

    Once you find an entrepreneur that you’re interested in working with, you will claim their request on skysthelimit.org. You should only claim an entrepreneur's request when you can commit to working with them. Then, send an email to schedule your first meeting within three days of matching with an entrepreneur.

  • Keep in touch — tell us how it’s going!

    We want this to be a rewarding volunteer experience for you, and when you give us feedback on your matches, we can create the best experience for you. Tell us what is working well, what could be better — any feedback is great feedback!

  • Stay engaged and match again!

    Together, you and your entrepreneur will make progress on their business. Some of our Volunteers engage in long-term mentor relationships, while others decide to meet a few times to work on a specific project. Regardless of which option you choose, you are welcome to match with new entrepreneurs looking for help! There is no limit to the number of matches you can have on skysthelimit.org.

Join our volunteer community of business owners, professionals, executives, and industry experts!