Service Development

What is a Service Based Business?

If you have a special skill or area of expertise, a service based business could be right for you. A service business provides a unique service to customers. Personal trainers, photographers, make-up artists, personal chefs, pet sitters, baby sitters and house-cleaning services are some common examples for service businesses in operation today.

In this topic, we will address each of these parts and provide templates to help you get started on creating a service offering for your business that will lead you to your first sale! Designing the right services will let you focus on other aspects of your business like pricing, positioning, and delivery to the customer.

  • Design: Learn how to put together the different components to make up the services you will offer

  • Make: Learn what you will consider before selecting a manufacturer

  • Price: Understand the basics to price your product and make a profit

  • Sell: Create a sales plan, define how you will collect and process payments

  • Deliver: Learn how you can actually provide services to your customer

  • Improve: Make your actual service, customer service, and overall experience better - before and after starting your business!