Marketing and Sales

First 10 Customers

Now that you have your marketing messaging down, the fun part starts. And the fun never ends once you get to start selling! As long as you’ve got your offering, customers, and a way to handle payments, you can get on your way.

As you’re selling, you’ll want to keep your early customers updated with the latest and greatest. Reach out to them via email or phone to ask how they’re enjoying their purchases or services. Even short, one-sentence testimonials go a long way in convincing other potential customers. Use SurveyMonkey to build customer satisfaction surveys and track customer feedback that you can use to further promote your business.

Copy the First Sales Template to your Google Drive and complete some exercises to get you closer to making your first sales.

Pro Tip

Remember to avoid the four traps of selling by building the right product or service from the beginning. A customer-centric company rarely fails!

  • Trap 1: You build something people want, but people won’t pay you for it.

  • Trap 2: You build something people want, but there just aren’t enough customers to be profitable.

  • Trap 3: You build something people want, but to get them your product or service costs you too much money.

  • Trap 4: You build something people want, but you there are too many competitors doing what you’re doing so it is hard to become profitable.