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How to Write an Elevator Pitch

What is an elevator pitch?

Imagine you just got into an elevator with a potential investor, someone who you can convince to invest in your business, and you have less than 60 seconds to explain your business idea and what makes it special. Are you ready to seize this opportunity?

An elevator pitch is just that, a persuasive speech that you use to create interest in a project, idea, or product. A good elevator pitch should last no longer than a short elevator ride of 20 to 30 seconds, hence the name.

How do I write an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch should include a basic description of your business and what makes it different and special. We have created a 4 section structure, called Pitch4, to help you complete your pitch.

  1. Overview of your business.

    • Use the “pitch statement” format we describe below

      • My business (or nonprofit or social enterprise) helps [your main customer group]

      • with [describe four customers’ problems]

      • by [describe your unique solution/product/service]

      • so that they can [how customers lives are changed for the better, accomplish goals, etc.]

    • For example: helps underrepresented young entrepreneurs with building their businesses by providing one-on-one mentoring support, resources, and access to funding so that job seekers become job creators who can help build a stronger economy for everyone.

  2. About you

    • In this section you should include

      • 1 sentence explaining why you started this business or your vision for the business

      • 1 sentence describing your experience, skills, qualifications, etc. related to your business

    • For example: We started this organization because no one else was helping underrepresented young entrepreneurs start businesses, and we believe that every young person with a business idea should have the support they need to chase their dream. Our founding team has collectively launched more than 4 businesses that have served over 20 million people, across three continents and multiple industries, raising nearly $80 million in funding.

  3. Top Three Benefits

    • In this section you should include

      • 1-2 sentence(s) describing the top three valuable things that your business does for your customers

      • 1 sentence with evidence of your progress so far - a customer testimonial, statistics about your sales or progress, etc.

    • For example:’s services help entrepreneurs develop business skills and confidence, while accessing new opportunities through our network. We have over 10,000 people on our platform. One of our entrepreneurs says, “This program helped make our business dreams become a profitable reality. We don’t know where we would be without them.”

  4. Presentation tips

    • Practice with yourself

    • Practice in front of someone else

    • Make eye contact

    • Speak clearly and be proud of your business idea

    • Instead of using filler words like "um”, “so”, or  “like"; try pausing or taking a breath instead

    • Smile! 😃

    • Use meaningful gestures

Why is having an elevator pitch prepared important?

Sixty seconds that can change your life - that’s why. There is no way of knowing what interaction, whether it’s in a grocery store or in an elevator, will present an opportunity to sell someone on your business or business idea. Plus, the process of writing an elevator pitch will help prepare you to make the most of every first impression, while giving you a ready-to-go introduction.

Pro Tip

Your elevator address has to flow natural and smoothly. So while writing it, we recommend that you follow the following tips

  1. Write down all what comes up in your mind

  2. Then cut the jargon and details

  3. Make strong short and powerful sentences

  4. Eliminate unnecessary words

  5. Connect the phrases to each other

  6. Don't rush

  7. Memorize key points and practice

  8. Create different versions for different business situations of your elevator speech.

  9. Carry business cards or a “take-away” item in case the person you talk to is in a rush

Check out how two of our successful entrepreneurs used their elevator pitch to talk about their business!