Business Planning

One Thing At A Time

Why should I focus on one thing at a time?

More is not always merrier when it comes to entrepreneurship, at least, not when it comes to ideas. You have a limited amount of time and energy to spend when you are starting a new business, and stretching yourself too thin across many ideas and pet projects will drain your resources and passion for any one particular business. Sure, you could give a little bit to several business and hope that one works out, but we believe you’ll see better results if you start with one and give it your all! Focusing on one business at a time will ensure you deliver value for your customers, while spending all your time working towards the success of one venture.

  • Delivering value to your customers means achieving results and solving the issues they find significant. To do that, you’ll need to plan, experiment, change, and repeat many times. So focusing on one thing at a time and saying “no” to the other 99 things that may want your attention will be one of the most crucial decisions you make as an entrepreneur.

  • As the saying goes, less is indeed more - less time spent on other pet projects means more time spent on your true vision and more time spent working towards that success. The GOATs of entrepreneurship like Oprah, Daymond John, Annie Malone, and Victoria Hernandez, got their start by focusing on one skill or industry and spending years of their lives perfecting it. Other successes will follow as long as you doggedly pursue and stay true to your motivation and vision.

How can I focus on one thing at a time?

Time is a limited resource and every day we have exactly 24 hours to check items off to-do lists, spend time with family and friends, and unwind. By planning ahead and using your time wisely, you’ll be able to accomplish more and enjoy added free time. Here are some tips to focus better

  • Identify and manage your most common distractions

    • Social media? Log off until your work is done

    • Electronics? Unplug them or remove them from your line of sight

  • Plan ahead and create a to-do list

  • Tackle small tasks to start

  • Establish routines

Pro Tip

While we want you to focus on one business idea at a time, we don’t want you to lose or forget all your great business ideas. When inspiration strikes, jot them down in a notebook or make a list in your phone!