Marketing and Sales


There can be 2 kinds of partners: your personal connections who might be willing to tell their friends and family about your business; and existing businesses, clubs, nonprofits, organizations etc. who may be able to partner with you. How will this partner help your business succeed? How can you & your business help your partner with what they are doing? How can you “leverage” other partners and multiply yourself through them? Find a complimentary service to what you provide and get them to sell your service along with theirs.

For example, if you are a caterer, you can partner with an event planner to cater at their events, then you can sell the event planner’s services to other customers who come to you for catering. Also, think about how you can put your products in someone else’s business, like getting restaurant to sell your t-shirts at their store.

Pro Tip

Make a list of people and organizations you can partner with.