Entrepreneur Profile: Adewale Ajao


JAAJ Farms and Industries| Agriculture | Ibadan, YO, Nigeria


Tell us a bit about yourself: I lost a loved one to a terminal disease which would have been better managed if there is emphasis on healthy consumption.

What inspired your business? About 5 years ago, i was privileged to visit the store house of chickens imported into Nigeria through Benin Republic, which was unhealthy, full of chemical growth inductions, and cost effectiveness. This triggered me to seek more knowledge on how to raise chickens organically using local raw materials. The level of women’s poverty also made us start giving mature chickens to less privileged ones to sell and payback later. So far, we have an average mortality of 2.9% (far less that 10% acceptable). We started with 500 birds in Ibadan. Presently, we have over 5,000 birds on our three farms in 2 states of Nigeria, which has a combined capacity of 14,000 birds. One of the challenges we faced is that we have several more women who seek empowerment but due to the current capacity, we can only empower a few. Hence, the need to seek further financial assistance. Another challenge has to do with fluctuations in the prices of raw materials used to make chicken feed; however, we buy these to keep to use in scarcity. 

We raise chicken for meat from one day old to maturity organically in a bio-secured environment while leveraging technology. While doing these in production, we encourage and empower women to make money by selling chicken to people around them using a pay after sell approach. This has really helped to reach a lot of families. Our customers buy our chicken because they are organically produced (no chemical antibiotics) and the use of ginger and garlic as part of the components make it sweet, healthy and fresh. Empowered women reach out to various people close to them for patronage; only about 30% of the approximately 1.5 millions metric tons of chicken being consumed in Nigeria is produced in the country. Only about 0.5% of the locally produced chicken is produced originals. Our chicken contains zero calories and a balance of protein and edible fats.

Dreams/plans for the future: Our goal is to provide EVERY Nigerian family with organically produced and healthy chicken as a suitable animal protein source.

Why Skysthelimit.org? I need financial support to expand my business and operate to capacity.


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