Entrepreneur Profile: Damilola Adepoju


Fini Shoes | Fashion | Oakland, CA


Tell us a bit about yourself: My name is Dami Adepoju and I am the creator of Fini Shoes. As a Nigerian/American designer I have set out to change the shoe industry. I developed unprecedented design customization that allows consumers to completely transform the look of the shoes through a seamless and minimal zipper system. I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering degree and am now pursuing my Masters in Sustainable Fashion at GCNYC.

What inspired your business?  My business was inspired by the lack of true versatility in the footwear industry. The idea first came to me during my Senior year of college when I was preparing for a spring break trip to Jamaica. I own a lot shoes and efficiently packing for a trip has always been difficult. While packing I realized that not all of my shoes could  fit in one bag and had to make difficult decisions. This inconvenience inspired me to create a shoe that could be worn in multiple ways, transitioning looks to fit different occasions.

Dreams/plans for the future: My dream for the future is to dominate this innovative market space and eventually own and operate a shoe store. Fini has the potential to be a worldwide brand.